As a Consultant, Coach, IoD Mentor and Mediator I am keen to help people and organisations to achieve their goals. I am knowledgeable, but seldom an expert. The resources included below are gathered to share and help. If you would like to discuss their practical application please get in touch. My details are at the bottom of the page.

Thinking Feeling Being Helpful Resources

Thinking Feeling Being (Part of Adapt Consulting Company)

Coaching Process About Your Coach.pdf
Coaching Process Different Coaching Approches.pdf

Coaching Process Conversation Locations.pdf
Coaching Process GROW Model.pdf
Coaching Process Example Questions.pdf

Coaching Process Coaching Competencies.pdf
Coaching Process ACC PCC and MCC Peer Coaching.pdf
Coaching Process Sample Coaching Contract.pdf


Tim HJ Rogers
ICF Coach, IoD Mentor, Mediation Practitioner
MBA Management Consultant + Change Practitioner
PRINCE2 Agile-Scrum Projects, Programmes and PMO


Helping people and organisations achieve their goals: We provide #facilitation and #support the #thinking, #feeling and action needed to #resolve and move forward.

There is an optimum combination of factors or qualities which help people and organisations transform. It is a blend of listening, challenging and sharing and comes from expertise, experience, curiosity and a passion to performance for a purpose.

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